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Welcome To My Websites! I am a well known Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In - IND Ballot FEC filed 2012-2016 as a REP-IND-DEM and 2020-2024 as a REP-IND for the Campaign - General Election Cycles. It should be known, I am a Congressional - Federal - State Victim Witness Seeking Victim Witness Protection Housing and Compensatory Funds For LIFELONG BLACK OPS TECHNOLOGY FACILITATED Damages Perpetrated Upon Myself. Further, I am the only Good Gnome DNA Individual Alive, As A Presidential Candidate Willing & Available To Install Socioeconomic Equality Worldwide with Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs on/off Planet While Protecting USA's Most Advanced National Security Protected Technologies. It is important To VOTE Silvia Stagg For President 2012-2048!

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Silvia Stagg FoPresidenCampaign 

2012-2044...until elected!

Silvia Stagg 
A Republican Write-In Ballot - Independent
Presidential Candidate  

NOV 2024 Presidential 
General Election!

Summary of Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Program - Presidential Planet Management Program
by Silvia Stagg

Original 2008 Notarized Summary of Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs

Silvia Stagg Republican 
Write-In  - Independent Presidential Candidate

For The Upcoming 

NOV 2024 Presidential 
General Election!

Vote For Life Extension! 
Vote For Silvia Stagg!

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Silvia Stagg For President 2012-2044...Republican/Independent Write-In Ballot Candidate This 2024 General Election!...
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Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee
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Silvia Stagg Is A Republican Presidential 
Write-In Ballot - Independent Ballot 
General Election Candidate 

 NOV 2024 Presidential 
General Election!

Vote For Life Extension! 
Vote For Silvia Stagg!

The White European Christian Race 
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 FEC 3P FILING OCT 11-2016 w/Declaration

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2020 – 2040 Summary of Silvia Stagg’s

‘Socioeconomic Presidential Planet Management Programs



Also known as ‘Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure  Program Plans A/C on/off Planet w/Good Gnome & Infinite Life Extension! Primarily for the Survival – Empowerment of the White European Christian Race suffering Emasculation-Disenfranchisement-Extinction! created by Silvia Stagg


Political Perspective PART ONE Presentation: World Pollution - Contamination!

 Major Pollution_Contamination Problems For USA_World_By Silvia Stagg October 11.2018.pdf







FIU Presentation: Solar Energy - Joint FIU/FPL Solar Project

FIU and Solar a Presentation by Silvia Stagg.pdf





 Don't Laugh: Buttocks 2016


Don’t Laugh: Buttocks 2016

by Alan Bedenko  / Jul. 8, 2015 4pm EST

Western New York 

boasts three Presidential candidates.


Begin Quote [If you think Marco Rubio is too green, Donald Trump is too brash, and Jeb Bush is too formulaic, then Republicans ought to take a serious look at Niagara Falls’ own Silvia Stagg. At her website, she rolls through her resume, and adds,

Help me to save our endangered world and our precious and endangered  White Christian European Descent Race now facing Race Extinction within One Hundred Years by making me your US President!  I  require Campaign Funds (US$2,500.00-US $5,000.00) Per Person Each Primary-General Election Campaign Season to Assist my Ballot Access — Televised Debate Access.  Kindly Contact All Fifty US State Republican and/or Democratic Party Chairmans-Vice Chairmans and have me placed on all Primary — Caucus Ballots and Designated Republican/Democratic Presumptive Presidential Candidate.  The Presidential Filing Process for Fifty State Primaries-Caucus is Honorable but Expensive and Arduous and I am your only Life Extension Candidate!

So, that seems pretty reasonable. She also claims to be a “Good Gnome Individual”, which she explains, The United States Congress authorized Silvia Stagg personally and as Owner-Permanent Senior Administrator of All Most Trusted Programsusa on/off planet to mine-clone-mint-print Currency and Coin including for the United States of America and the World for All Debts Public and Private and to Ensure the Socioeconomic Success/Stability of the Most Trusted Programs (including the privately owned/controlled Spacehubusa (and its ASAPs/Aerospace -Air Ports worldwide/on-off planet Earth)-SpaceCityusa-Moonbasesusa-Spacestionusa). Thus assuring the survival of Silvia Stagg, allowing future Good Gnome Individuals to survive and become empowered to lead society-government, and the survival of the White Christian European Descent Race, nearly driven into race extinction systematically via a history of race emasculation and disenfranchisement nationwide/worldwide by the non good gnome society/government historically in power. (Silvia Stagg is reportedly last good gnome who has been instructed since February 2002 by the United States Government to disseminate the Good Gnome into the White Christian European Descent Race (and upon brain tap-time clock inclusion study possibly some/all Minority Persons).

If Ms. Stagg doesn’t interest you, there’s Kenmore independent candidate, SEO specialist Eric Nagel. There’s no campaign presence online, but I reached out via Twitter, where he explained that he filed his paperwork “because I wanted to teach my kids (and Scouts) that anyone really can run. Democracy in action.”…





In big company: 400-plus people running for president

Partial Quote […”Over 1,000 miles away, Silvia Stagg of Miami is mounting her campaign on the niche topic of life-extension. Stagg favors expanded research and medicinal techniques in hospitals that would slow or reverse the human aging process.

Keister and Stagg represent a narrow sliver of afterthought politicians who are choosing to go head-to-head against the 17 mainstream choices thus far:  Democrats Lincoln ChafeeHillary ClintonMartin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, as well as Republicans Jeb BushBen CarsonTed CruzCarly FiorinaLindsey GrahamMike HuckabeeBobby JindalGeorge PatakiRand PaulRick PerryMarco RubioRick Santorum and Donald Trump.

Most filed as independents, while many are Republicans or Democrats…”] END Quote



CPAC2015 Photographic Record

CPAC2015 LONGSHOTS w/Photos of Silvia Stagg!



Together, We an Overcome True Anarchy In These United States of America and the World! Your Donations Are Needed For Silvia Stagg Federal Victim-Witness On National Security Issues and Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In/Independent - Silvia Stagg



Your Campaign Contributions

Are Always Needed!

Only US Citizens and US Residents Are Allowed To Give Campaign Contributions To US Candidates and Contributions are generally limited to Twenty Five Hundred – Five Thousand US Dollars (US$2,500.00 – US$5,000.00) Per Person Per Campaign Primary/Runnoff - General Election Cycle, Total Per Person: US$5,000.00!  


However, I can receive Monies from any National Security Witness as a well known Victim Witness as I have Filed Extensively with Congressional Federal Government and worldwide! 

Regarding my Presidential Candidacy Write-In Ballot, you may wish to Contact FEC/Federal Elections Commission  (999 E St NW Wash-DC 20463 T: 800-424-9530 F: 202-501-3413 I: http://www.fec.gov/info/forms.shtml) for Forms-Information regarding necessary filing of FEC Forms for those making Campaign Contributions.  Anyone making Contributions to Silvia Stagg, as a National Security Victim Witness may do so without FEC Forms.

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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs 

created by Silvia Stagg


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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs by Silvia Stagg


Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - Rock/Ice Cave

Silvia Stagg Endorses Republican Position of 'Intelligent Design'  Regarding God Our Creator 

'Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs'

'Make Pristine The World I - II'

Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - Balloon At Arctic! 

 Above:  Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - Arctic Penguins Lineup!

 Celebrating 125 Years

Above: Photo Courtesy of National Geographic Magazine - Underground Crystal Reservoir
Reminds Us of  The Hazards of the latest Drilling Craze often referred to as Fracking!
   Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - Newborn Turtles Head For Ocean Amidst  Seagulls and Sharks! 

I) 'Make Pristine the World I'

Excerpts from the Affidavit describing some of the core of Most Trusted Programs created/written by Silvia Stagg since 2002 to date-Mandatory Stipulations/Conditions and Issues to be Addressed-Remedied-After Impact/Infinity Studies are Performed, with Black Ops Technology we shall install:

'Make Pristine the World I' repairs/restores and recreates Earth's Eco-System/Environment, land, atmospheric layers including our depleted ozone layer, and all bodies of water, (The Entire Physical Planet:Land-Air-Sea). It installs a lite semi-permeable satellite array shield around the Earth and it resets/restores the Earth's Orbit and Polar Axis to maintain a safe and optimal Eternal Life existence. 'Make Pristine the World I' installs forestation-reforestation of our most valuable, necessary, strongest trees/vegetation and it installs additional natural reservoirs, and lakes even rivers whenever necessary while raising the various coastal areas surrounding bodies of water including lakes and rivers. We have to modify/cleanse the sometimes very dirty and insect, rodent, snake infested wetland areas worldwide.

I. Additionally, we may use Satellite Shields placed around the Earth to prevent the most harmful Solar Flares-Solar Storms-Solar Rays constantly bombarding our atmosphere including the Ozone Layer, eroding it over time. The safe limits of natural temperatures of planet Earth shall be restored. There will be no more Polar Ice Meltdown causing lethal flooding and tumultuous Monsoon Rains-Hurricanes-Tornadoes and other harmful weather. Temperatures on ground in Deserts, The North Pole and South Pole will be monitored and controlled to allow travel and residential living within advanced infrastructure limits.

II. Furthermore, Earth's layer of ground, bedrock, crust, mantle, and any fractures and disintegration therein (also exacerbated by Nuclear Atomic Explosion Devices, and Unsafe Mining/Drilling reaching down into the Earth's Crust and beyond) will be repaired and restored. And Earth's various bodies of water and atmospheric layers are repaired and restored. All of the foregoing of Earth's Entire Physicality will be restored to its Pristine State existing Three Thousand years ago. The Earth's Nuclear Core and the many layers of Earth's 'Ground-Soil-Bedrock-Crust-Mantle' must be repaired and restored.

III. Tectonic Plate Movement which causes destruction in the various landmasses worldwide via lethal Earthquakes or Su Nami Waves will be Disallowed once we create a balanced weight distribution around Earth's Nuclear Reactor Core, allowing only the most necessary shielded buffered Release of Excess Pressure to be Expulsed from within Earth's Core!

IV. We shall raise Trees to preferred heights of (50') Fifty Feet placed (25') Twenty Five to (35') Thirty Five feet apart depending on the type of tree chosen at each site, and we shall choose the strongest most valuable trees/vegetation to reforest worldwide of most benefit to human beings and domestic and wild animal life.

V. We shall raise all coastal and inland water coastline a minimum of (5') Five Feet, to prevent the most dangerous flood episodes and use shields to prevent more serious flooding while we allow for variances in the natural weather. Areas we shall consider, for increased granite-mixed rock-soil drainage and build-up are:

(A) The southern portion of the United States of America from North Carolina to Yucatan Peninsula-Mexico, and (B) Eastern/Western Coastal areas of the United States, and (C) Caribbean Islands, and (D) Mexico, and (E) South America, and (F) Europe especially Holland & Italy, and (G) China/Hong Kong, and (H) Japan, and (I) Taiwan, and (J) The Philippines, and (K) Malaysia, and (L) Indonesia, and (M) other Islands, and (N) other Countries as the need becomes apparent.

VI. Implementation of Reforestation-Trees will be Infinitely maintained to remain at least (50') Fifty Feet in Height. Trees Chosen for Inclusion of Massive Worldwide Reforestation which will also add to the World's Food Supply are as Follows: 1) Walnut Trees, and 2) Weeping Willow, and 3) Oak Trees, and 4) Douglas Fur Trees, and 5) Hickory Trees, and 6) Maple Trees, and 7) Giant Sequoia Trees, and 8) California Giant Redwood Trees (planted at least 100' from each other), and 9) Cherry Trees, and 10) Peach Trees, and 11) Ficus Trees, and 12) Citrus Trees, and 13) Tangerine Trees, and 14) Date Trees, and 15) Fig Trees, and 16) Banana Trees, and 17) Cherry Blossom Trees, and 18) Chestnut Trees, and 19) Acorn Trees, and 20)  Pear Trees, and 21) Avocado Trees, and 22) Green Olive Trees, and 23) Black Olive Trees, and 24)Hearty Trees with Scented Flowers/Fruit: such as Honeysuckle with Purple Honeyberrie, Lavender, Lilac, and 25) Cocau Trees, and 26) Coa Coa Trees/Plants, and 27) Mahogany Trees, and 28) Ebony Trees, and 29) Zebra Trees, and 30) Papaya Trees, and 31) Mango Trees, and 32) Coconut Trees, and 33) Belly Palm Tree found in Cuba, and 34) Large Hearty Exotic Flowers, and 35) all known Herbs, and 36) All Other Hearty Flowers: Roses, Tulips, Carnations, et al, etc., and 37) Various Cactus Trees, and 38) Yucca Trees, and 39) Aloe Trees/Plants, and 40) Desert Flowers, such as Yellow Desert Flower, and 41) Sun Flowers, and 42) Passion Flowers, and 43) Water Lillie's, and 44) Lotus Flowers, and 45) Purple Coneflower, and 46) Orange California Poppies, and 47) All Flowers-Berries-Cherries which are Ingestible and have health-medicinal and food supplement benefits as per FDA/Food and Drug Administration. 48) Grasses and Mosses natural to each area. Note: Spanish Moss, though, beautiful may be limited.  There will be other Inclusions in this list.

Note: (1) Irrigation natural or man made for Reforestation will be provided for by the Program 'Make Pristine the World I' (2) Physics Studies will be performed to arrive at the best method of protecting All Dimensions of Existence, including time, space, matter.  Satellites, may offer protection without the possible negative consequences which may occur utilizing more intrusive technologies! 

Encompasses The Following:

By use of Black Ops Technology, every State in these United States and Every Country worldwide is to have at least One Installation of the Following Partially Automated Center to Ensure Every State is Independent Socioeconomically with Production-Manufacturing-Distribution-Storage Facilities:
(1)  Fruit and Vegetable Farm  (bottling/cannery/packaging and distributing its various products; and
(2)  Dairy Farm (bottling/cannery/packaging and distributes it various milk-egg-cheese products); and
(3)  Cattle Farm (same as foregoing); and
(4)  Fishery/Nursery (same as foregoing); and
(5)  Water Treatment/Filtration/Purification/Desalination Plant-Water Storage Plant-Water Waste Treatment Plant.; and
(6)  Refuse Disposal and Recycling Plant; and
(7)  Active Passive Solar Opaque Energy with Solar Mechanical Room Manufacturing Plant with Parts Labor & Repair and Distribution Center; and
(8)  Sugarcane Ethanol and Jatropha Bio-Diesel Farm, Manufacturing Plant, Storage, and Distribution Center.
Note: Both Sugarcane and Jatropha (Jatropha needs no processing) are grown in the great state of Florida during the tenure of Governor Charles Crist's of Florida. Lets hope, the Great State of Florida continues its Plan to provide effective and inexpensive fuels.


III) 'Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs' - Federally Legislated State Government Interim-Emergency Debt Payment:

Each State Treasurer Takes Thirteen Percent (13%)  of the Total Sum of Every Residential and/or Commercial Mortgage Annually and Apply Said Monies at 1%  for each of the areas listed below to assist in paying state debt.:

(1)   1% For Active-Passive Solar (American Business Consortium to include current Electrical Utility Companies.; and 
(2)   1% For Capped Water Wells for each Residence/Commercial Property (American Business Consortium).; and
(3)   1% For All Schools Except College/Universities; and
(4)   1% For Water Reservoirs-Rerouting Water-For Example: Salton Sea Replenished, Redirected  (with Water Reclamation-Desalination-Water Purification Plant) in Southern California to become a major source of water for the nearby communities.; and
(5)   1% Highways (No Tolls)-Roads -Sidewalks-Gutters-Traffic Light Operations/Repairs; and
(6)   1% Bridges (No Tolls Allowed); and
(7)   1% All Locomotive/Train/Rail Transportation; and
(8)   1% Transit Authority/Buses; and
(9)   1% State/City Government Civil Service Salaries; and
(10)   1% State/City Law Enforcement Salaries and Equipment/Office Equipment; and
(11) 1% State/County Prisons; and
(12)  1% Sugarcane Ethanol and Jatropha usage by Government. Companies reimbursed for  conversion of Operations-Manufacturing Plants w/Retooling, etc.; and
(13) 1% Reforestation

IV) Most Trusted Programs: All Necessary Products and Services Supplied by Each Countrys' Workforce and by Each 'Hub' To Ensure Socioeconomic Independence-Betterment-Defense-Posterity!

Each varied diameter Hub (Spacehubusa is Co-Headquarters For All Most Trusted Programs and another Most Trusted Headquarters will be located at Arlington-VA at Crystal Plaza Towers which will be modified) is divided into Eight Pie Sections offering the best in residential, education-library-museum, commercial, industrial farming, entertainment sports, recreation and wildlife/nature sanctuaries! The Main Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building (SRCCB) contains: Residential, Commercial, Lite Industrial, Schools NUR-High School some Colleges, Libraries, Entertainment, etc.
 Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine-San Francisco CALF's 'Golden Gate Bridge'  
V) Most Trusted Programs Federal-State Government Downsizing-Consolidation Plan A/C

Most Trusted Programs (Silvia Stagg so name Most Trusted by the US Dept of Justice Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller) are Endorsed by the US Congress-US Department of Justice-FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigation-Pentagon-National Security Agency-CIA/Central Intelligence Agency, et al (including most world governments) due to lessons learned and ongoing prolong investigations via Brain Tap-Time Clock Inclusion Feed of past present future events of all Unconstitutional - Seditionary Activities endangering Governments-Civilians worldwide, to date.

Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine, Lynx or Bobcat? 

VI) Most Trusted Programs(usa) - Remove Cabinet Positions From the US Presidency(White House) To Prevent Dictatorship:

All Cabinet Positions will be removed from the US Presidency-White House, and this includes Presidential powers over Cabinet Positions.  The State Cabinet Positions shall also so follow this format.   And these Cabinet Positions will continue to exist as Government Oversight over Civilian-Non Government Most Trusted Programs(usa) such as the US Postal Services/US Post Office Services, like all mandatory services/socio economic entitlement services the US Government/State Governments and Most Trusted Programs(usa) guarantees all operating expenses including employee salaries.  All Federal-State Cabinet Positions will become 'Civil Service Appointed Positions.' Cabinet Candidates can also be temporarily appointed by the US President or US Senate during VACANCY and all Cabinet Positions will still have to go through the usual US Senate/US Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Process. We shall use the National Electoral Process to Elect Cabinet Personnel. The RNC/Republican National Committee Chairman (male only) and DNC/Democratic National Committee Chairman (male only) will have the Right To Remove any Presidential-Vice Presidential-Governor-Lt. Governor-Cabinet Candidates or Appointed/Elected Personnel at the Federal or State level. And the Chairman of both DNC/Democratic National Committee and RNC/Republican National Committee Shall Continue In The Capacity as Government Oversight with Silvia Stagg to Ensure the Most Competent Government Personnel obtain and remain in their Respective Offices and to Avoid Any Corruption which may also lead to Seditionary Activities.

 Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian - Endangered Arctic Baby Seals  Require Protection of a Pristine Arctic!

VII) Supporters of Most Trusted Programs Enforce US Constitutional Laws:

There will be a Secret US Senate Select Committee which contains Silvia Stagg, the Ten Best Congressional Representatives/Government Personnel, and US Army General Tommy Franks Retired (formerly Commander General of Central Command-US Allied Forces Based In Florida), and former Pentagon US Army Secretary White, and former US White House Chief of Staff-US Army Jack Keane, current and former US Treasury Secretaries and current and former Federal Reserve Chair(s) including Alan Greenspan, former US Attorney Generals Honorable Janet Reno and John Ashcroft, Former DNC/Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, and former RNC/Republican National  Committee Chairmans Ken Mehlman and Mike Duncan. And former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil (who traveled to Africa with U2 Rock Singer 'Bono' to raise monies for African Aids Patients the First Term of George Walker Bush, a Republican), also Supports Most Trusted Programs and Serve Silvia Stagg and like all government supporters is desirous of Infinitely Protect-Maintain-Serve Silvia Stagg and the 'Most Trusted Programs' owned by Silvia Stagg and the Citizenry of each Country.  Silvia Stagg, also solely owns and operates Spacehubusa (and All ASAPs inclusive)-SpaceCityusa-Moonbaseusa-Spacestationusa. Spacehubusa will be used to supervise-manage-assist in the 'daily operations' of all Most Trusted Programs. All Federal-State Legislation must be reviewed and approved of by the Secret US Senate Select Committee and US Congress, et al so it does not harm nor adversely modify or end 'The Most Trusted Programs.'

   Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine, Buffalo in Wyoming!

VIII) US Constitutional Government Enforced-MTP/Most Trusted Programsusa Ownership-Administration Issues:

As cited in our US Constitution, we will continue with Federal Government housed in each State Capitol and District of Columbia-Washington-DC, and State Government housed in each State Capitol and Parish Government (Contains only One County Government with No County Legislature-One County Sheriff/One District Attorney for an entire Hub-Hubusa and surrounding areas if they are rural without a closer proximity Hub).

(A) All County/City Codes MUST OBEY - MUST CONFORM to US Constitutional Federal Statutes and Federal Codified Laws, and State Constitution and Codified Laws run second unless specifically stated otherwise in US Constitution. 

(B) All levels of Government Must Review All Codified Laws and with the assistance of the US Congress and US Attorney General also utilizing All US Attorneys and US Supreme Court Justices, and lastly the foregoing modifications must be approved by Silvia Stagg.

(C) The aforementioned and herein is easier once Silvia Stagg inhabits the Office of the US Presidency and/or Permanent Vice Presidency as per US Congress mandate.

(D)  Some large Cities such as New York City (Manhattan) will retain its Federal-State Government Agencies. However, the Most Trusted Program is designed to streamline (Downsize and Consolidate) Government, and protect and empower the Citizens of the United States of America (White Christian European Descent Race Members) who will manage and operate All Hubusa locations with Silvia Stagg (Owner-Permanent Senior Administrator) protecting Civilian Constitutional Rights acting as an Intermediary between the public and government.

(E) Most Trusted Programsusa and its Headquarters along with Spacehubusa is owned-managed-operated by Silvia Stagg with No Government-No Military at any location nor is Government-Military allowed to travel off planet. The State at the 'State Capitol' located Most Trusted Programs(usa) Buildings (1-2 Buildings) including its contents-technology will be co-owned by Silvia Stagg (55%)-Hub Residents(45%) with Silvia Stagg having Physical Custody of Said Most Trusted Buildings and Its Contents in each State Hub. 

(F) The US Government/US Congress has repeatedly asserted Silvia Stagg should be appointed permanent President and Vice President of the United States of America to Infinitely maintain the 'Most Trusted Programs' as she has passed at least a 150 Billion year (Plus) Brain Tap-Time Clock Investigation for same.  Before/After serving as US President, Silvia Stagg agreed to accept the position of Permanent Vice President to maintain our Most Trusted Programsusa within our Democratic System of Government which elects a US President every Four Years.

(G) The United States Congress authorized Silvia Stagg personally and as Owner-Permanent Senior Administrator of All Most Trusted Programsusa on/off planet to mine-clone-mint-print Currency and Coin including for the United States of America and the World for All Debts Public and Private and to Ensure the Socioeconomic Success/Stability of the Most Trusted Programs (including the privately owned/controlled Spacehubusa (and its ASAPs/Aerospace -Air Ports worldwide/on-off planet Earth)-SpaceCityusa-Moonbasesusa-Spacestionusa). Thus assuring the survival of Silvia Stagg, allowing future Good Gnome Individuals to survive and become empowered to lead society-government, and the survival of the White Christian European Descent Race, nearly driven into race extinction systematically via a history of race emasculation and disenfranchisement nationwide/worldwide by the non good gnome society/government historically in power. (Silvia Stagg is reportedly lthe ast good gnome instructed by the US Government since February 2002 to disseminate the Good Gnome into the White Christian European Descent Race (and upon brain tap-time clock inclusion study possibly the Lawful US Born Minority Persons).

To reiterate, disseminating the good gnome into all of the White Christian European Descent Race Members (its natural evolutionary step and rightful recipient) assures the population of the United States of America and its Government are never again controlled by Dictatorship Presidencies (who will mass murder and systematically dismantle the intricate Socioeconomic design of the Government of the United States nor Bankrupt the USA/United States of America nor Countries Abroad) as is the problem today during Rampant worldwide Black Ops Technology Seditionary Activities leaving all Human Beings vulnerable to disastrous mind turns, torture, rape, murder, death and socioeconomic destruction.

Additionally, Denial or Threat of Denial of Socioeconomic Entitlements including Social Security Retirement or Social Security Disability Insurance Payments (as repeatedly threatened by Barack Obama) to the public is disallowed under law and should carry the Death Penalty/No Eternal Life-No Life Extension-No Healing. Such an irresponsible tactic used by Barack Obama to force the US Congress to agree to his  Terms regarding 'The National Budget' must continue to be criticized for Barack Obama's Malice and Disregard for the Public's Welfare! Our beloved and esteemed House Rep Republican Paul Ryan better behave as well and not dismantle Social Security!
(H) The Annual Minimum Wage for All Employment - Subcontracting is One Hundred Thousand US Dollars Net (US$100,000.00) to be taxed at a Rate of (10%) Ten Percent Annually Per Person/Per Individual.

(I) MTP/Most Trusted Programsusa will have One-Two Buildings in each State (there are Fifty States) at each Capitol-Hub-Hubusa with employees selected-hired-dismissed by Silvia Stagg (a good gnome individual) who is/was already permanently appointed during the Bush Administration as Permanent Owner-Senior Administrator-Protected Person Of All Territory-Resources Off Planet Earth and Permanent Owner-Permanent Senior Administrator of all Most Trusted Programs and its Resources on Planet Earth. Silvia Stagg has permanently allocated Partial - Joint Ownership with and by the General Masses of Most Trusted Programs for which each Individual Earns Stockmarket Dividend Payments amounting to US $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollars) Annually to be taxed at Ten Percent Annually Per Individual.

IX) Government Downsized/Consolidated-Aerospace Demilitarized-US Military Personnel Aerospace Trained - No Arrest - Issues of House Arrest:

As per US Government/US Congress mandate and agreement worldwide, Silvia Stagg owns/operates ALL of Spacehubusa (ASAP locations)-SpaceCityusa-Moonbaseusa-Spacestationusa HUBS/Locations. All Most Trusted Programs locations Shall Have No Government-No Military Present in its daily operations, and it is operation by Civilian Citizens and Silvia Stagg. Our US Congress-US Government and Most Governments want a Demilitarized Space.  The State Capitol Hubusa will house the majority of all limited Federal-State and County Government and all Hubusas will house limited/downsized City/Municipal Government which will perform the following:

(A) All Local Government Will Be Closed, Downsized and Consolidated Into the State at County Government Including City Hally Government Services some of which are; Code Enforcement, Parks, Roads, Water/Plumbing, Traffic Lights, Library, and School System, as per Most Trusted Program Guidelines.  The County Government which will also be downsized and consolidated into itself and the State shall by way of their former County Legislature (Mandatory 16/Sixteen Persons, Two Persons per Pie Ring Section) shall provide along with Most Trusted Programs Staff (including Silvia Stagg) all of the necessary operational oversight which includes dismissal by Silvia Stagg if she deems necessary for any reason. It should be noted that all Schools will be privatized and owned by their Dean of Students, Assistant Deans, Superintendants, and Teachers who receive a minimum annual salary of US$100,000.00! To raise monies for nursery - high school, Donations will be requested not mandated at every school location and in correspondence.

(B) There will be No City Mayor-No Municipal Mayor-No Village Mayor-No Township Mayor.; and

(C) There will be No Local Police-No City Police-No Municipal Police-No Village Police Department and No City Prosecutor-No Local Prosecutor-No Municipal Prosecutor and No Village Prosecutor.; and

(D)  No Local Government: The City Government or Local Government or Village Government or Township Government will all be Closed Down. To avoid too much government, All of the Previous Local Government Services will be Closed Down, Downsized and Consolidated.  All Codified City/Village/Township Laws must be Reviewed and Conformed to Federal and State Constitutions. Federal and State Constitutional Legislation Preserves our Most Trusted Programs Infinite Socioeconomic Infrastructure. County Legislature (consisting of 16 Persons, 2 Persons Per Pie Section) shall be Converted to Government Oversight of all Government Services at the Local and County levels of Government.; and

(E) There will be only One County Sheriff and One County District Attorney per Hub-per City-per County-per Parish, whatever named.; and

(F) Generally, House Arrest with Limited Death Penalty shall be the Preferred Punishment except for murder, espionage, murder, technology bonds/theft of one's soul.  Voluntary manslaughter (cases where malice of forethought intent is known but the case of murder I-II, cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt' is still a good choice for the Prosecutor to Request the 'Death Penalty' Note: In New York State, Generally, Murder I Indictments are sought for Murder against Law Enforcement and Indictments for Murder II for Murder against Civilians), Espionage, and technology mind turns including theft of ones' soul.  The Preferred choice of punishment: House Arrest with A Security Gate Replacing the Front Door of the Residence of those Persons Convicted of All Criminal Allegations-Indicted-Detained is temporarily installed during 'Prison Sentence-Detention.'  House Arrest is the best method of punishment Providing for all Individual and Societal needs inherent in these important and tragic circumstances, be they the Accused, Convicted Punished, or The many Victims who suffer irrevocable harm. All  House Arrest Visitors, especially: family, doctors, dentists, priests, pharmacists, nutritionists, attorneys, close friends, media, and allowed government personnel will have access to those Punished-Detained including Silvia Stagg.  Silvia Stagg must inspect, review and investigate and approve of any Indictment or Detainment Sought Against Any Human Being or Animal.  Once Indictment, Conviction, Punishment or Detainment is sought by either Request or Mandate Discharged or Issued from Any Government Entity or Entities or Personnel thereof including the President and Vice President. Thereby, preventing Dictatorship by way of preventing False Arrest and Illegal Detention or in cases when cruel and inhuman treatment is alleged disallowed by our US. Silvia Stag will also be allowed to review and free Innocent Persons and change any unconstitutional circumstance or pratice such as cruel and inhuman punishment as per our US Constitution.; and

(G) As a rule, Arrest or Detainment for the person of Silvia Stagg is disallowed and Death Penalty Never Allowed. Furthermore, no more than House Arrest of the person known as Silvia Stagg will ever be allowed.  Silvia Stagg as per the United States Government has been gifted Spacehubusa-Most Trusted Programs on/off planet along with all Territories off planet earth. And this ownership never changes, even if all USA Born White Christian European Descent Race Government Personnel and USA Born Citizenry Indict-Convict the person of Silvia Stagg. This protection must be allowed as Silvia Stagg's Brain Tap/Scan with Time Clock shows no criminal offense will ever be committed by she, Silvia Stagg. Henceforth, all Indictments/Convictions of Silvia Stagg are to be held INFINITELY suspect by a society who targeted their last good gnome individual, namely, Silvia Stagg, and encouraged her to campaign for the office of the US Presidency to save and empower herself and our beloved White Christian European Descent Race, especially USA Citizenry of same race.; and

X) Ownership: Including Rights To Print Currency/Coin-Permission To Secede From Union:

A) To Protect and empower Silvia Stagg and the general public (US Citizenry especially lawful) and the Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs and actual properties limitless as they are, the US Congress-US Government-World Governments granted permanent ownership and administrative control to Silvia Stagg on/off planet Earth as well as all that become accumilated by  'The Most Trusted Programs' including and not limited to Most Trusted Programs(usa) including Headquarters' (which shall house All Advanced Technology) and is to be located, operated and under ownership,  supervision,  control by Silvia Stagg who is usually found at Spacehubusa Headquarters (300 Miles Diameter) or at any location desired by Silvia Stagg on or off planet such as another Spacehubusa, or a Moonbase or Spacestation or Aerospace Ship. Silvia Stagg will be communicating with any Member of the US Congress  monthly or daily or weekly especially during emergency circumstances. And Silvia Stagg will give at least an Annual Report to Congress of Most Trusted Programs Operations. Silvia Stagg will take part in Training Studnets at the Most Difficult coursework (such as Aerospspace Traning) to ensure highest levels of Performance! Based on past, current and future Corruption Isues, it is deemed necessary, that  Silvia Stagg must decide to whom and what to report.  However, with the Good Gnome a Non Corrupt Society is anticipated Silvia Stagg and Most Trusted Programs must ensure Total Good Gnome dissemination into the population Furthermore, no one actively employed by the government nor military (civilian militia not included) may travel off planet to further safeguard aerospace travel and life.

B) Silvia Stagg also owns and controls All HUB ASAPs worldwide on/off planet and other Territories, to be protected lands and considered to be nor more than US Territories. Silvia Stagg and owns Fifty Percent (50%) of each of the Fifty (50) State Capitol Hubusa(s) along with our Country's White Christian European Descent Race US Born Citizenry who owns Forty Percent of Each of the Fifty (50) US State Capitol Hubusa(s) (40%) and only Ten Percent (10%) of the remaining Hubs-Hubusa's are to be owned/controlled by the US Government/State Government on behalf of the People of the United States and that State at Interest mostly if not all, located at their respective Ring Pie Section housing Federal-State Buildings and Personnel.  
C) Additionally, it is hoped that there will be no further major Socioeconomic Nor Physical Infrastructure changes made by each new Congress, President, Vice President or Governor outside Most Trusted Programs. We seek to limit the Constitutional Rights of Government to Exercise 'Confiscation/Seizures with Just Compensation' and 'Eminent Domain.' Though, Just Compensation is Determined it is rarely if ever just, fair or equitable!  For example: The large Electric Towers in most Communities are not necessary with active passive solar energy, and they are dangerous to the community, also producing an obstacle, and they are ugly! ; and

D) Silvia Stagg shall also create a Secret US Senate Select Committee To Infinitely Protect Silvia Stagg and Most Trusted Programs(usa) on/off Planet and Ensure Its Safe and Private Daily Operations. And Once Annually, The Full Secret US Senate Select  Committee shall compile a 'Report of Operations with Future Projections' (after brief and cursory inspection of Most Trusted Programs(usa) and report to the Hierarchy of the US Congress (US House of Representatives and US Senate Majority/Minority Whips and Party Leaders and House Speaker and US Senate Judiciary Committee and Government Oversight Committee Chairmen) and to the Public via 'Internet/Print' with privacy/secrecy issues blackened on each Report and each Report must be reviewed and issued public by consent of Silvia Stagg as she deems fit. Silvia Stagg shall appoint the Secret US Senate Select Committee Members who are employed/paid by Silvia Stagg. And Silvia Stagg may dismiss any Secret US Senate Select Committee member without explanation.  Additionally, Silvia Stagg controls and performs ALL On/Off Planet Most Trusted Programs(usa) Personnel Appointments and Dismissals at will, and this includes Personnel Appointments-Dismissals For  Spacehubusa-Moonbaseusa-SpaceStationusa-SpaceCityusa. Note: 'ASAP' is the abbreviation for: AeroSpace-AirPorts.; and

E)  Furthermore, Silvia Stagg may take nearly any action to protect herself and the entire United States population including Most Trusted Programs, and by so doing, may and is given authority to: 'Secede' from the 'Union' of these United States of America should corruption-terrorism-sedition once again become apparent. And Silvia Stagg will be allowed to Reinstall another United States of America at a Safe and Distant Location for herself and all willing population taking with them the advanced technology. ; and

F) Only Silvia Stagg can make Sudden, Expeditious, and Emergent Changes, Modifications, Alterations to the Most Trusted Programs and Socioeconomic and Building Infrastructure Including the Universe Known and Unknown Universe, and almost always with full prior knowledge and consent of All People At Interest regarding the consequences (Time Clock will be Publicly Displayed On Internet-Libraries-Museums-SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings).  However, there may be circumstances when Silvia Stagg acts with little if any Forewarning and for Good Cause (such as Catastrophic Acts of Nature-Life Threatening Situations-Known/Unknown and Universe Structural Issues-Planetary Structural Issues-SuperInfrastructure Issues-Advanced Technology Issues) and In The Best Interests of Herself and All Persons For Whom Silvia Stagg Is Charged To Manage, with Great Care and Concern.; and 

G) The US Government especially, The United States Congress and US Presidency and Executive Branch under Former President George W. Bush has empowered Silvia Stagg to mine, clone, mint and print all paper currency and coin for her own private use and for implementation, and permanent operations all Most Trusted Programs Socioeconomic Infrastructure including all buildings as they are located.; and

H) The  US Congress and major Governments of the World has given Silvia Stagg the Rights To Mine HALF (49%) Of All Minerals (Except Oil and Natural Gas) for herself personally,  to add to her detterment, defense, and posterity, and should she (Silvia Stag maiden name: Silvia Benitez) so decide in the furtherance of Implementation and Sustainment of  Most Trusted Programs (AKA Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure  Programs especially Plans A/C) including Currency/Coin and Money's Intrinsic Value. As we may also use Class AAA Diamonds to back Currency. Furthermore, we must strengthen our World's Granite/Bedrock Structure. Nature may allow us to build new improved Diamond mines which serve as natural depositories so we do not have to disturb natural Diamond Sources.

XI) The US Postal Service:

The US Postal Services (further protected by Post Roads cited in our US Constitution) will be totally Privatized, and Restored to its original larger and more convenient location status, serving the public six days weekly.  Each US Postal Service and All Mail-Cargo Entities-Businesses will be located conveniently in every SRCCB/Shielded Residential Commercial Community Building and Straight-A-Ways Building locations and will include Mail/Cargo Services such as FED EX-DHL-UPS-Global Shipping, et al, (all part of the American Business Consortium guaranteed success equal profit and cost of operations).

XII) US Constitutional Government Worldwide:

To further thwart Seditionary Activities, All US Territory governments (including European Economic Community and their Individual Countries and other countries such as: Australia-Canada-Mexico-Central and South America-Russia-former Soviet Socialist Republic, et al, founded by White Christian European Descent Countries worldwide) will have to CONFORM to the modified Government of the United States of America with all of the updated Federal-State-County-Local Government Downsizing-Consolidation thoroughly discussed and authorized by US Congress/US Government, et al. The EEC-European Economic Community or EEU-European Economic Union are recognized only as far as member countries who share a Common Military-Coast Guard-National Guard-Migration-Currency (Currency will change to USA Currency with member Country Historical Persons contained therein). Both  of our Country Flags are to be flown 7/Seven days weekly from: 6am-6pm, and the 'US Pledge of Allegiance' must be recited (where appropriate i.e.: school-government-some group activities, etc.) and US Standardized-Compulsory Eduction through High School is also mandated. The various World Monarchies will have No Government-Societal Authority. There should be no further Seditionary Activities given permanent installation of Most Trusted Programs Plans A/C.

XIII) Most Trusted Socioeconomic Programs Guarantees Success - US Government Needs To Print The Necessary Monies And Pay The National Debt And Negotiate Down/No Interest With Price Caps To Prevent Inflation. Ultimately, All Debt Is Paid For By The Actual Physical Dollar, Not The Dollar's Intrinsic Value! National Debt Is Paid By Most Trusted Programs!

We must Free Our Minds and Exercise Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Public Discourse when trying to solve our socioeconomic problems. We must Free Our Minds of the various Types of Agendas or Loyalties which Limit Creative Problem Solving of Socioeconomic Issues! Limiting Individual Concepts, Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, or Public Thoughts or Public Discourse or Lively Public Debate is Tantamount to Brainwashing, Mind Control, Propaganda, and Media Censorship, all of which are Indicative of an Oppressive Dictatorship!

When we ‘Think Outside The Box’ as we are taught to do in college or university, we realize or learn that currency/coin was/is given as a constructive socioeconomic model and tool, a means to an end, and all money has some 'Intrinsic Value' against the 'Gold Standard' or any Standard Set by Government to ‘Pay For All Debts Public and Private.' And this is so, even if a country's government or monarchy experiences socioeconomic upheaval, recession or depression!

However, the 'Intrinsic Value' of money/coin is often used to allow anti-social reactions such as 'Inflation' when prices are raised as a result of Government Printing and Circulating More Currency/Coin.  The argument being, "more Currency/Coin is needed to ‘Compensate’ for the ‘Devaluation of the Dollar’ due to increased Currency/Coin onto the market, which is more a theoretical viewpoint than a practical or realistically based view. 

'Devaluation of the Dollar' if one wants to perceive it that way will always occur when more money is circulated.  This usually happens when a country's population increases, or more moneys is needed to be distributed, perhaps due to increases in Grants, Loans, Awards, Salaries, various Compensation, etc.  However, more importantly, 'Inflationary Pricing' should be Forbidden as it is harmful to all countries.

Today, Countries use 'Inflationary and Depleted Currencies Rates' when Trading in International Currency/Coin Exchange' a practice which should cease as it creates 'Global Instability.'  International Currency/Coin Trading is a cheap, risky and fun way of making money, and often much money can be made by Banks/Countries who can make Billions when trading in Billions of Dollars!

The Gold Standard against the Dollar-Currency/Coin was created because its creators wanted Currency/Coin to have 'Intrinsic Value' which is set by any ruling authority, such as Government or in the past our Monarchies. It does not necessarily mean that when a country prints and circulates more money against the 'Gold Standard' the money is actually 'Devalued.'  It simply means there is more Currency/Dollar Per Ounce of Gold (For Example: The common current Gold to Dollar Standard is US$400 Per Ounce of Gold) and that is all. Some persons, proclaim, the Dollar has been Devalued and they erroneously Raise the Prices for their goods and services.

As a matter of fact, the printing and circulating of more money actually strengthens and enforces our economy. This is often the case when a country's population increases and/or when more money is needed by any given population. Increased circulation of money is a good thing. When more people have more money, more people can create something called a  'Synergistic' Society and Government.  When more people spend more money, business, employment, religious, socioeconomic entitlements and philanthropic activities thrive. 

In the 1920s' the United States of America experienced a slowing down of business, known as a recession.  And during that time, for ten years, unemployment increased nationwide.  The Recession of the 1920s was followed by what is commonly known as the ‘The Great Depression of the 1930s.'  During that time, the Stock Markets in the United States 'Crashed' and there was a RUN (a high Demand by Depositors To Withdraw Their Bank Funds to Pay their Bills and daily expenses)  on the Banks nationwide by Bank Depositors demanding their deposited monies.  The Banks responded by closing. Simultaneously, all United States Banks also 'Called In All Loans’ that is all Banks Demanded Payment for All Debts including, Real Estate Mortgage Loans or Property Loans, or the Lending Institution would Confiscate the Real Estate or Property of the Debtor unable to Pay the Total Sum of Their Debt, regardless of the Mortgage or Property Loans’ actual 'Payment Due Date against Interest Set upon the sum borrowed.'   Many people, including my Grandparents lost at least one home during the Great Depression!  Some of the initial responses by an unsuspecting population, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, was suicide. The severe stress of the immediate financial destruction, was too harsh for the non good gnome individual to tolerate and some shot themselves or jumped from office windows. Fortunately, yet not enough, compassionate and responsible Communities responded to the Great Depression, by setting up 'Soup and Bread' lines used daily by single and family men alike often wearing suite and tie who tirelessly kept looking for work. And finally, our US Congress passed into Law, 'The Federal Reserve Act' of the 1930's which guarantees a certain amount of All Bank Deposits are Federally Insured via Corporations/Programs such as the FDIC/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Along with Socioeconomic Entitlements, we should never relinquish government installed 'Socioeconomic Safety Net Protections' which are hard to come by in a non good gnome world!  And there have been other protective socioeconomic laws passed, such as the Social Security Act which must be maintained forever to safeguard the public. Now under attack by corrupt Politicians misusing flawed arguments.

Our Solutions to our socioeconomic problems should not create inconveniences, hindrances nor endanger our population.  We must also realize everyone wants to be socioeconomically successful and wealthy. And they should be allowed to be so, without question. Class Systems in some way will always be in effect. We will always find avenues to judge and limit our association with each other and it is correct to do so, when it is correct to do so.  However, this President will END harmful Socioeconomic Class Distinctions disallowing otherwise Talented People or deserving Disabled Persons the best socioeconomic lifestyle which money assures.  We will not tolerate mandated health problems and death and heinous taxes, class struggle, terrorism, sedition nor forced war, due to incompetent leadership in our governments worldwide! We have advanced technology which can and will make our lives infinitely healthy, moral, sane and socioeconomically fulfilling.  We are human beings and we deserve to be treated as human beings and United States Citizens!

One must remember, this is a relatively young country which had to create a totally new system of government and socioeconomic interchange which allows for more freedom! Hence, the entrepreneurial spirit was given wings! Thus, creating our Capitalistic Democracy we have today also known as the ‘American Dream!’ Whereby, millions flock to our shores to reap the rewards.  However, as responsible citizens and government, we must be more concerned about the quality of person we allow into our country for any reason. We must continue to ask ourselves, do these new immigrants add to and increase the overall betterment, defense and posterity of the White Christian European Descent Race and the Minority Persons blessed to reside within the United States of America lawfully? Can these new Immigrants assimilate into our society? At some point we must say ‘No’ to an ‘endless revolving door’ of problems inherent in destroying the White Christian European Descent Race and its Culture of America. Without the good gnome dissemination, prevalent in our world permanently would be corruption and incompetence of all kinds destroying the natural processes of evolution and human development which should come to rely on moral utilization of Advanced Technology Solutions.  By emasculating, disenfranchising and disallowing the White Christian European Descent Race to Flourish, the decline of our beloved United States of America is assured!  Given away is our honor and dignity and privacy as a nation. Our rights and responsibility to maintain our Sovereignty as a Nation and our Secreted Technological Omnipotence including ownership and control over the United States built International Space Station amidst an antisocial world, eventually causes more National Security problems, as we lose our Leadership Status in the world! These problems (civil and human rights violations) beg to be addressed and swiftly remedied by competent leadership in all levels of government, not ‘business as usual!’ Recently, the issue ‘Waterboarding’ and CIA Interrogation and Treatment of Detainee/Prisoner Tactics allowed by the Bush Administration is being publicly reviewed. This is the farthest the Obama Administration has traveled to enter the world of ethical debate and moral treatment to the various levels of socioeconomic existence!

As your National Security Victim Witness turned Candidate, and hopefully someday as your President will Restore America's Constitutionally Moral and Lawful existence. And we as a nation of National Security Victim Witnesses (some are moles as well) will go beyond former standards which allowed Overt Black Ops Technology Induced Sedition to occur and remain year after year while millions of White Christian European Descent Race Members denied life extension healings march to their tortured death!  The Congress, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch of Government must stop protecting the US President of Heinous Black Ops Technology Abuses. All Government including the Executive Branch, Judicial, Legislative and the White House must abide and restore Constitutional Government with higher Moral and Lawful conduct and acknowledge and prevent further misuse of Brain Tap-Time Clock Technology and all Black Ops Technology Abuses which include the Pentagon’s infamous ‘Microwave Background Brainwave Alteration Device used by the Obama Administration to hunt and torture human beings!

Our Advanced Technology, including but not limited to USA Life Extension Technology, USA Advanced Time-Space-Travel Technology must be kept Safe and Secreted within the White Christian European Descent US Citizenry Population as per our historical National Security Requirements.

Unfortunately, powerful enemies of our Race, including enemies from within, conspired and carried out heinous socioeconomic injustices to keep our race from becoming more powerful in the middle class sector, and these conspiracies were/are methodically carried out, against the White Christian European Descent Race.  For example, it is well known and reported by the media, that NYC Mayor La Guardia and other nationwide City Mayors disallowed White Christian European Descent Persons to purchase Mortgage Loans for property inside their City limits. Thus, forcing 'White Flight' into the country/suburbs of the White Christian European Descent and White Europeans of other Religions such as the Jewish and Islamic.  These corrupt Mayors gave Minorities preferential treatment for Mortgage Loans allowing them to purchase real estate inside the City limits of our largest Cities to date.  The famous Brownstone Era originally housed the White Race (split into three major religions, the majority being, the White Christian European Descent Founding Race of the United States of America and the most progressive countries worldwide).  And for the most part, these neighborhoods housing our famous Brownstone Homes, were turned into Minority Ghettos. Whereby,  alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, gambling, and domestic violence prevailed, thus also creating, havens for illegal minority flight, all of the foregoing increasing our Big City's Crime Rates, such as New York City's Crime Rate.

However, luckily in the case of New York, we had the esteemed Leadership of Robert Moses who with his statewide Transportation System (highways-bridges-tunnels) connected the country/suburbs of the Five Burroughs along with Long Island City, Long Island, and Upstate New York. Thereby, allowing the White Race (split into three different religions, the majority being the White Christian European Descent Race) to continue to work throughout their state including travel to/from  Manhattan Island.  Thus, making New York City the Greatest City for Commerce and Trade worldwide!  Unfortunately, the disastrous World Trade Center Tragedy of 9/11/2001 ended our financial competition Internationally along with destruction of our Manufacturing Base in Technologies in which we enjoy being the leader! Instead, we were left with a tragic majestic graveyard where our hearts cry... Today, we are preparing to install our Infinite Life Extension and Plan A/Plan C Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Free from oppressive Dictatorship and we must continue to persevere to be successful!

XIV) Brief Summary of Most Trusted Programs(usa) Socioeconomic Guidelines:

A) Most Trusted Programs Limits the Federal Reserve from charging Banking/Credit Union/Savings & Loans Institutions to No More Than 'A Penny On A Dollar' for each Dollar (the US Treasury Prints) and the Federal Reserve Insures (FDIC) and/or Gives and/or Loans To All Banking Institutions who also lend money to the public at a Rate of Interest.  Rate of Interest (Prime Rate) is part of what leads our economy today.
B) Taxation-: The Public is charged only ‘A Fair Contributory Rate of Taxation’ On All Annual Income which Increases after Ten Trillion US Dollars Annual Income.  Interest Applied for all Credit, Credit Cards, Loans, shall not exceed more than (10%) Ten Percent for all Forms of  Credit, Credit Cards, Loans.  
C) Currency/Coin: In addition to the US Congress, Silvia Stagg has been given authorization by the United States Congress to Print Currency and Coin Money for her personal use and for  the continuance of Most Trusted Programs. This authorization has been extended to include the world Currencies and Coin. Printed or Coined Money (before Credits) will be Issued until each Individual has saved approximately a minimum of Ten Trillion US Dollars (Amount Not Set).  Vault Rooms will be installed in Residences to assist in keeping money safely at home.
D) Annual Minimum Wage of US$100,000.00 Net (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars Net) Per Individual Per Annum Regardless of Type of Employment Taxed At Ten Percent (10%) Annually. When considering Eternal Life or Life Extended, after the First Ten Trillion US Dollars, a Higher Rate of Taxation Is Applied Not To Exceed One Quarter-One Third of the Annual Income.  We are speaking of an improved socioeconomic tool or model which allows for successful socioeconomic discourse agreeable to all parties!
E) One Million US Dollars Net Annual Stock Share Dividends Paid To Each Person in Quarterly Payments/Installments of US$250,000.00 Net (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand US Dollars) Paid every Three (3) months Four (4) times a year and Taxed Annually at Ten Percent (10%) Rate of Taxation.

F) Regardless of the National Debt, each country's federal government and state government must ensure DEBT Payment without taking away constitutional and necessary government infrastructure, (i.e. US Postal Mail Processing Centers, USA/International Space Stations, USA Manufacturing Base, USA Technology, etc.). All of the foregoing, compromises the National Security Interest of the White Christian European Descent Race especially those born in the United States of America,  and those persons lawfully Naturalized (not by Amnesty Programs, unless otherwise lawful White Christian European Descent Race members) and our USA Born Minority Persons and their families to a more limited extent as per our US Constitution.
G) Downsize and Consolidate Federal And State Government To Fifty State Capitals And Largest Cities. Close the Office of the Major, Close All Local/City Police Departments, Close the 'City Council' and Rely on the County/State Prosecutor and Sheriff/Sheriff Deputies.  The State Capitol will house all State Cabinet Members along with the Governor and All Federal Agencies which interface with Washington-DC, The US Congress, and when appropriate the President, and US Supreme Court. Downsizing and Consolidating Federal-State Government at the 'State Capitol Hub's Pie Ring Section' greatly cuts close proximity corruption, stalking, harassment, mind control and endangerment to the public on the part of the President or Governor in each state and others, while it cuts unnecessary expenditures, wasted taxes.

H) Cease/Disallow All Minority Travel/Migration (Except Jewish/Hebrew Persons) into The United States of America and into All White Christian European Descent Founded Countries. 

The White Christian European Descent Race founded this country and made it a great country now endangered by Black Ops Technology Sedition causing serious life threatening health problems while our psychotic US Government allows Illegal Migration Of Minority Persons by the millions and Illegally furnishes these Minorities with a 'Pathway to Citizenship' as they Illegally DENY the White Christian European Descent Race its rightful Life Extension Healings for over One Hundred Years! Minorities/Indigenous Persons increase the violent crime rate (more black on black crime and black in state prisons than whites) further causing socioeconomic chaos along with government created events of terrorism and war.  All of the foregoing causing increased loss of White Christian European Descent  Lives and systematic emasculation and disenfranchisement leading to race extinction of the White Christian European Descent Race within One Hundred Years! 

See: census.gov/ or: p25-1130uscensus.gov.pdf » 

The US Census has confirmed that Illegal Migration is artificially changing the Demographics of the United States and by 2046-2050 the White Christian European Descent Race will be a Minority in the United States of America! The world's Minority Population out numbers the White Christian European Descent Race 6 to 1. 

Due to prolonged Seditionary Corruption in the United States of America and the world, while our White Christian European Descent Race dies down our manufacturing base has also been systematically destroyed since the 1960's causing millions of Americans to lose their employment and homes while Minorities are given USA technology and Americans are forced to buy back their own technology making Minority Countries wealthy!

XV) Most Trusted Program(usa):
'Three Day Work Week'

Under Most Trusted Program guidelines For White Christian European Descent Countries-Christian Countries the work week with some Discretionary Differences is as Follows:

   6AM-6PM Hours Daily: 12x3 days 
   6AM-6PM Hours Daily: 12x3 days
Full Time Weekly Hours -Total: 36 Hours
Note: With Some Exception Such as Travel-Aerospace-Transportation-Medical No Work on Sundays. 

XVI) Most Trusted Program(usa): 'Salary Differential Compensation Program'

Under Most Trusted Programs, the Minimum Annual Net Salary For All Persons is US $100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars).

XVII) Most Trusted Program(usa):

Monthly/Annual Basic Budget For A Family of Four Persons:

1) Rent-To-Own Mortgage Includes Maintenance
    Fee Infinite payment monthly minimum


2) Food 2 adults with 2 children
                                                        US$   500.00

3) Utilities
   (Heat-Central Air-Water-Elec)
                                                        US$   100.00
4) Phone on/off planet

                                                        US$   100.00
5) Cable on planet (off Free)

                                                        US$   100.00
6) Car Payment/Car Insurance
                                                        US$   200.00 
7) Auto/ Vehicular Fuel

                                                        US$   100.00
8) USATravelFreedomCard
   Hghwys-Brdgs w/No Tolls)
                                                        US$   100.00
9) Pocket Money
    For 2 Heads of Household
                                                        US$   800.00 

10) Other Expenses-Entrtnmnt
                                                        US$   400.00

11) Option Boarding School/Camp
                                                        US$ OPEN*

12) Prsnl Expenses Adults/Family

                                                        US$  400.00

13) USAHealthFreedomCard (Max)

                                                        US$  100.00

14) Vacation/Holidays/Birthdays

15) Option: 100' Ft Sailboat/Mtrboat/Jet
                                                        US$  OPEN*

16) Aerospace Travel: US$100,000.00
       Per Houshld 2 Adults-Children                     

17) Annual Stock Dividends
      Paid Quarterly Total: 1 Million US Dollars   
      (Not Included In Budget) 

      Total Monthly Expense:   US$  4,900.00
      Total Annual Expense:     US$58,800.00

      Employee Net Salary:      US$100,000.00 
      Minus Ten Percent Tax:   US$ 10,000.00
      Minus Annual Expenses:  US$ 58,800.00

      Remaining Balance:         US$ 41,200.00 

Note: ANNUAL Payment Per Individual By Social Services Welfare Disabled Or Not or Social Security Insurance or Social Security Disability Insurance Is Permanently Increased to US $58,800.00 maximum US$100,000.00 (Monthly Payment of $4,900.00) Ensuring Higher Standard Of Living For All Citizens of each Country worldwide!

          Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - Child With Baluga Whale at Acquarium!

XVIII) 'Most Trusted Standardized Compulsory Education Program - Nursery - High School (NUR-HS)'

The Most Trusted Standardized Education Program  for Nursery School-Grammar School-High School. These Standardized Schools though supervised and code enforced by State/Federal Government, are owned by school staff whose minimum salary is US$100,00.00 Net Annual Income, after taxes. Additional monies are earned from a sliding scale dividend which commences after School Operational Expenses are paid monthly.  The education is 'Concentrated' for two years to ensure a 'Para Professional Certificate with a High School Diploma, upon completion at the Junior-Senior High School levels known as 'Concentrated Study.'  The regular School Week is Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 5:30PM with supervised Study Hall daily and Saturdays except Holidays.  Saturday is also set aside for Competitive Activities such as Sports-Music-Dance.:

Public/Private Standardized Compulsory Education Nursery School/Kindergarten/First Grade - Twelfth Grade High School - Monday- Friday 8:00AM - 5:30PM and half day Saturdays. Open for Breakfast/Tutoring with Teachers for Students at 7:00AM - 8:00AM Monday -  Friday.:

1)   English - 8:00AM - 8:40AM (Forty Minute Class) -  Vocabulary Building through Grades First - Twelve (1-12), with ten words learned daily, with meaning written down daily as part of the student homework. Penmanship is also stressed when appropriate. Focus on the Grammar and Sentence Conjugation is mandatory at all levels along with Reading/Book Reading and Newspaper/Current Event Reading and Writing Assignments. Proper Diction is Stressed and Practised openly in classroom and as needed to thwart inappropriate accent(s) and unclear speech. Grades 2-12 assign monthly book/article reading and 1-3 page essay amounting to 108 books read by High School Graduation (long articles-research papers may once annually substitute 1 book reading assignment arranged by English-History-Science Teachers.

2)   Math - 8:40AM - 9:30AM (Fifty Minute Class) - Grades 1-8.  Homework in Study Hall or Classroom 36 Minutes. Grades 9-12, 30 Minutes of Homework in Study Hall.  Quiz every Monday (10 - 25 questions) to prepare for Midterm - Final Exams.; and

3)   Science - 9:30AM - 10:10AM (Forty Minute Class) - Grades 1-8,  Homework 36 minutes in Study Hall or Classroom.  Grades 9-12,  30 Minutes Homework in Study Hall or Classroom.  Grades 2 -12 Coordinate and assign monthly Book readings and accompanying 3 page essay with English-History Teachers.  Combination of approximately  108 Books with 1-3 page essay (Long Articles-Research Papers may once annually substitute a Book reading) by High School Graduation in addition to the Standard Science Book assigned for Classes.  Quiz every Monday (10-25 questions) to prepare for Midterm-Final Exams.; and

4)   History - 10:10AM-10:50AM (Forty Minute Class) -  Grades 1-12.  36 Minutes Homework in Study Hall Grades 1-8, and Grades 9-12, ___ Minutes.  Coordinate and Assign with English or Science Teachers a monthly Book reading assignment with 1-3 page essay (Long Articles-Research Papers may once annually substitute a Book reading) by High School Graduation in addition to the Standard History Book assigned for Classes. Quiz every Monday (10-25 questions) to prepare for Midterm-Final Exams.; and

5)   Language - 10:50AM-11:30AM (Forty Minute Class) - Grades 1-12. 36 Minutes of Homework in Study Hall or Classroom Grades 1-8, and Grades 9-12 ___ Minutes of Homework. Quiz every Monday (10-25) to prepare for Midterm-Final Exams.  Language is by Student Choice.; and

Free Lunch - 11:30AM - 12:30PM (60 Minutes) - Healthy and Nutritionally Complete Meals with Fruit-Salad-Milk-Juice-Bottled Water-Yogurt with Granola/Fish/Poultry/Meat and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (Spaghetti is a Complex Carbohydrate) and little Sugar/Starch is Mandatory. 

6)  Fine Arts: Music-Dance-Theater-Dance - 12:30PM-1:10PM (Forty Minute Class) - Grades 1 - 6 - (Fulfills Physical Education Requirement)-Theater-Visual Arts. Student Choice. No Homework.; and

7)  Study Hall  1:10PM-4:40PM (3 Hours) - Grades 1 - 6
      Supervised/Tutoring by Teachers.; and

8)  Snack/Lite Dinner 4:10PM-4:40PM - Grades 1 - 6 
      For Example: Soup & Sandwich w/milk.; and

9)  Physical Education 4:40PM-5:30PM (50 Minutes Class) Grades 1 - 6 No Homework. Concentrated Study.  Student Chooses PE/Physical Education Courses.

10) End of Regular Day - Monday - Friday 5:30PM - Grades 1 - 6 - Children can go home any manner allowed by parent. In Most Trusted Programs (SRCCB) Shielded Residential Commercial Community Buildings Schools in same building.

11) Monday - Friday 5:30PM - 6:00PM - Grades 1-6 Student-Parent-Teacher Meetings by appointment.

          Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - A Child Observing a Solar Eclipse!

Standardized/Compulsory Education - Curriculum Hours Grades 7 - 8:

6)   12:30PM - 1:10PM - Grades 7 - 8 - Word Processing Hardware/Software-Internet/Website-Library and Research.; and

7)    1:10PM - 4:10PM (3Hours) - Grades 7 - 8 - Study Hall, in Lunchroom/Classroom with Teacher Supervised/Teacher Tutoring.; and

8)    4:10PM - 5:30PM (30 Minute) - Grades 7 - 8 - Snack/Lite Dinner.; and

9)    4:40PM - 5:30PM - Grades 7 - 8 - PE/Physical Education.  Low Impact Exercises: Yoga-Tai Chi-Swimming-Cycling-Rock Climbing.; and

10)  5:30PM - Grades 7 - 8 - End of Regular School Day. Children go home in any manner allowed by parent.; and   
11)  5:30PM - 6:00PM - Friday - Monday - Grades 7 - 8 - Student-Parent-Teacher Meetings by appointment.

 Above: Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine - USA Baseball, second favored sport after Football! 

Standardized/Compulsory Education - Curriculum Hours for Grades 9-10:

6)   12:30PM - 1:10PM - (30 Minutes) Grades 9 - 10 - Psychology I & II (Health-Career-Friendship-Romance/Divining-Marriage-Children-Family-Decisions-Ethics-Socioeconomic Relationships). Homework in Lunchroom/.  Quiz each Monday (10-25 questions) to prepare for Midterm-Final Exams.; and

7)   1:10PM - 4:10PM (3 Hours) Grades 9 - 10. Study Hall in Lunchrm/Classrm.; and

8)   4:10PM - 4:40PM (30 Minutes) - Grades 9 - 10 - Snack/Lite Lunch Grades.; and

9)   4:40PM - 5:30PM - Grades 9 - 10 - Physical Education. Low Impact Exercises: Yoga-Tai Chi-Swimming-Cycling-Rock Climbing.; and

10) 5:30PM - Grades 9 - 10 - End of School Day. Children go home in any manner allowed by parent.; and

11)  5:30PM -6:00PM - Grades 9 - 10 - Student-Teacher-Parent Meetings by appointment.

6)    Two Year Concentrated Study Grades 11 - 12 - 12:30PM - 2:00PM Monday-Friday

In Addition to the foregoing Classes Itemized in Paragraphs 1-5, the following Two Year 'Concentrated Study' Classes Awarding Each Student with Both a Para Professional Certificate' and High School Diploma upon completion of High School are listed below.:

(1) EMT/Emergency Medical Technician & Life Guard Techniques, and (2) Para Legal-Legal Assistant Study in Constitutional Law/Case History, and (3) Legal Secretary, and (4) Office Manager/Administrative Assistant, and (5) Computer Typist/Software Technician, and (6) General Office Manager-Computer Technician Typist, and (7) Performing Arts Classical and/or Contemporary: Theater/Film Acting-Music-Dance-Voice, and (8) Visual Arts Classical and/or Contemporary: Film-Photography-Lithography/Printing-Calligraphy-Drawing-Pastel-Oil Painting/Water Color/Sculpture-Pottery, and (9) Computer Graphics for Print-TV-Film, and (10) Museum Curator with Knowledge of Research, and Historical Restoration, and (11) Architectural Engineering-Drafting and Dental Assistant, and (15) Naturapathic and Nutritional Assistant, and (16) Carpentry-Masonry-Plumbing-Welding-Glass Making, and (17)  Manager/General Manager At Construction Site with Cad Architectural/Engineering Drafting/Drawing Techniques, and (18) Welding-Plumbing-Pipe Fitting, and (19) Glass Designer-Glass Blower/High Volume Glass Making, and (20)  Mechanical Design/CAD Drafting, and (21) Mechanical Drafting/CAD Design for Elevators/Elevator Shafts and Stairwells, and (22) CAD Design: Construction In Security-Locksmith-Security/Decorative Windows-Gates-Doors, and (23) Mechanical Drafting with CAD Design and Construction In the Field of Active-Passive Solar Mechanical Room, and (24) Building Superintendent Assistant: Includes General Office Management with Computer Technology/Software Knowledge and General Architectural-Engineering/Construction with CAD Techniques, to Include Mechanical Drawing-Blue Print Reading and Design Skills for Plumbing-Elevator-Elevator-Water-Water Waste Treatment-Waste Treatment-Sewage Treatment-Waste/Refuse Disposal and Recycling, and Trouble Shooting for Building Management, and (25) Truck/Auto Mechanical Design, Construction and Repair, and (26) Naval Architect And Marine Engineering and CAD Design, and (27) Aerospace Architectural-Engineering and Design with CAD And Manual Drafting Techniques, (28) Aeronautical Architectural-Engineering and Design with Manual and CAD Design Techniques, and (29) Computer Hardware-Computer Software Research-Design-Construction, and (30) Journalism And Photojournalism for Print-Television-Radio-Computer, and (31) Teacher's Assistant In Any Field, and (32) Psychiatry-Psychology And Social Worker Assistant, and (33) Telecommunications Design-Construction Specialist, and (34) Manager: Marketing-Customer Service Telecommunications Specialist, and (35) Stockbroker Assistant with Stock market Computer Software Techniques (Buys & Sells Stocks), and (36) Head Bank Teller-Bank Teller, and (37) Bank Manager Assistant-Bank Loans Officer/Foreign Currency History-Commercial Bank Teller-Customer Service Representative, and (38) Certified Public Accountant-Bookkeeping Assistant, and (39) Manufacturing Plant Assistant with Purchasing-Marketing Techniques In Any Field, and (40) Assistant Sales Manager with Purchasing/Marketing In Any Field, and  (41) Real Estate and Property Management, and (42) Alternate Energy-Power/Fuel Engineering-Construction and Research Specialist for Nonradioactive Nuclear Cold Water Fission, and Active Passive Solar Opaque Panels with Solar Mechanical Rooms, and Hydroelectric Power, and Sugarcane Ethanol and Jatropha and Electric Powered Vehicles, and (43) and Environmental Impact Study Specialist, and (44) Assistant Visual/Radio Telescopic Observatory Astronomer, with Training in Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Celestial Mechanics, and (45) Satellite Architectural Engineering and Construction with CAD Drafting Design and Manual Drafting/Design , and (46) Advertising-Marketing Executive Assistant Computer Software Skills, and (47) Media Advertising-Marketing-Media Business Operations with Computer Software Skills, and (48) Veterinarian Medicine Assistant-General/Surgical Medicine-Domestic-Wild-Marine Life, and Animal Husbandry, and (49)  Mechanical Engineering and Design and Construction with CAD Drafting, and (50) Business of Publishing-Authorship/Writing-Typesetting for the Print Media, and (51) Book Binding, and (52) Computer Book Design-Book: Computer-Manual Illustrations with/without Cartoon Illustrations, (53) The Business of Agricultural Farming: Fruit/Vegetable Farming, Product Canning/Bottling/Storage and Distribution, and (54) The Business of Dairy Farming with Product Canning-Bottling-Storage and Distribution, and (55) The Business of Cattle/Hog Ranching-Animal Husbandry with Product Canning-Bottling-Storage and Distribution, and (56) The Business of Marine-Fish Nursery-Hatchery (Salt/Fresh Water), with Canning-Bottling-Storage and Distribution, and (57) The Business of Sports-Athletic Coach-Athlete In Any Chosen Field, and (58) MT/Most Trusted ERS Specialist: Forestry/Reforestation-Forest Fire Specialist with Rock Climbing-Hiking-Mountain Climbing and EMT/Emergency Medical Technician Certificate, (Note: ERS/Most Trusted Emergency Response Services is Our Large Field Support and Services All Forestry/Woods-Hurricane-Tornado-Flood-Earthquake-Landscaping-Reservoir-Lakes-Rivers-Water Safety-Aerospace-Aeronautics-Marine-Bio-Chemical Hazards etc. Emergencies), and (59) Geologist And Advanced Surveyor with CAD Design and Impact Study Specialist, and (60) Infrastructure Architectural-Engineer with CAD and Manual Drafting Design and Management for Highways-Roads-Sidewalks-Curbs-Gutters-Traffic Lights-Underground-Inter coastal Waterways-Reservoirs-Dams-Levy Design-Fountains-Snow Ice Melt, and (61) Aeronautics-Aerospace Air Traffic Design, and (62) Assistant Locomotive Specialist with Architectural-Engineering CAD Drafting/Manual Design and Construction, and (63) Transportation Manager In All Operations of Locomotive/Rail-Highways-Roads-Bridges-Tunnels-Aerospace-Aeronautics-Ports-Shipping, and  (64) The Business of Landscaping-Forestry-Floral Specialist, and (65) Business Management-Economics and Marketing-Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles, and (66) Assistant Accountant-Bookkeeper, and (67) Restaurateur-Caterer, and (68) Librarian and Book Store Specialist, and (69)  Zoologist Assistant, and (70) Dredging Assistant with Swimming-Scuba-EMT Training, and (71) Performing Arts Theater Manager, and (72) Visual Arts/Gallery Manager, and (73) Set Design Specialist: Film-Theater-Advertising-Modeling, and (74) Commercial Residential Decorator, and (75) Market Research-Traffic Research Specialist, and (75) Architectural-Engineering CAD Specialist In Any Field, and (76) Mechanical Engineering-Mechanical Drawing and CAD Design and Drawing-Drafting and Advanced Blue Print Reading (Any Field), and (77) Beautician and Cosmetician, and (78) Assistant Animal Caretaker: Wild-Domestic with Animal Husbandry, and (79) Hotel/Motel Assistant, and (80)  Supermarket/Grocery Store Assistant, and (81) Fashion Drawing/Clothing Design, and (82) Modeling (Runway-Print-Film), and (83) Marketing and Sales Assistant, and (84) Sales Assistant, and (85) Assistant Manager: Casino Gambling, and (86) Assistant Manager/Host: Restaurant-Bar, and (87) Stone Masonry-Carpentry-Glass Blowing-Welding, and (88) Smelting and Mold Making, and (89) Robotics Architectural-Engineering and Cad Design, and (90) Micro-Computer Research-Architectural-Engineering-Design-Construction and Applications, and (91) Electrical Engineering-CAD Design-Construction Specialist, and (92)  Advanced Mathematics and Applications, and (93) Advanced Physics And Applications, and (94) Marine Biology and Physiology, and (95) Human Biology and Physiology, and (96) Forensics, and (96) Constitutional Law-Criminal Law-Criminal/Civil Legal Process of Law, and (97)  US Postal Mail/Cargo Assistant, and (98)  Welder, and (99) Herbalist, and (100) Pharmacist Assistant, and (101) The Business of Television And Radio Broadcasting with Studio Hosting/Field Reporting and Technology, and (102) Print Media: The Business of Media-Print Reporting-Newspaper/Magazine and Technology, and (103) Other etc. 

Note: The Most Trusted Program must ensure education in the fields which maintain itself adding to life's synergy and permanent/long term employment/business enterprises of our new improved socioeconomic infrastructure, which takes into account that as people grow and change they may want to learn new skills. All businesses will become part of the 'American Business Consortium'  which guarantees success and Profit/Expense for all businesses.  

Concentrated Study Grades 11 - 12 Continued:

7)    2:00PM - 5:00PM - Grades 11 - 12 - Study Hall Teacher Supervised/Tutoring Available.; and

8)    5:00PM - 5:30PM (30 Min) - Grades 11 - 12 - Free Snack/Lite Dinner Lunchroom/Classroom.; and

9)    5:30PM - 6:00PM - Grades 11 -  12 - PE/Physical Education.  Suggested Lite/Moderate Impact Classes. Competitive Sports SATURDAYS.; and

10)  6:00PM - Grades 11 - 12 - Monday - Friday - End of Regular School Day.; and

11)  6:00 - 6:30PM - Monday - Friday - Parent-Teacher-Student Meetings by appointment.

1)     Nursery School-Kindergarten

Once a child is toilet trained, they are accepted into the Mandatory Nursery School -Kindergarten Classes which are meant to stimulate and commence disciplined cognitive guidance and growth and development in a non threatening environment and includes Classes Nos. 1-5 (found on page one herein). Classes are no longer than one half hour. After lunch and nap time, the foregoing classes are followed by group singing and music lessons and low impact physical exercise for one half hour such as: dance-yoga-tai chi-meditation and outdoor swings, jungle gym, etc. Any television program of education and positive entertainment value will be used daily such as: "Sesame Street' and 'Cyber Chase' or American History Cartoon/Program of some kind or Comedy. Field Trips during the week/weekend for Kindergarten is allowed. Children may easily leave their classroom with authorized adult/parent supervision for the day/period of time for any reason.

2)   Mandatory (with Parental Consent) Classes On/Off Saturday Hours:10AM -3PM

With Parental Consent, and Come-As-You-Wish Open Schedule, a Child's broad educational needs additional School Classes are held Saturdays 10:00AM - 3:00PM.:

Each Student must write at least one article/story for the School Newspaper/Magazine and Radio/Television Stations.  Students are encouraged to learn basic photography as well.  All students must sign up for one year of their chosen media outlet/mandatory classes which may Field Trips.  Competitive Sports, Performing Arts Competitions, Catechism Class, Cooking & Home Economics Class, Psychology and Parenting Class, Citizenship Class (teaching our US Constitution/US Declaration of Independence and Para Legal Law), Fishing and Camping Class, Target Gun Practice Class, Bow and Arrow Class, Boating and Sailing Class, Diving Class, Driving Class, Etiquette/Diction Class are all mandatory classes taught on Saturdays for one year each. Local Businesses in the foregoing fields can be offered Class Participation when the Classes are Filled to Capacity as expected.

3)   Military Service: 

A) Military Service Is Delayed Until Every Enlisted Person-Military Officer/Cadet (preferably while in High School-College) has Completed a Four Year or Five Year Bachelor's Degree (120 - 150 College Credits). There is No Draft - There is No Subscription! Boot Camp is once monthly and builds strong bodies and strong minds! Women are welcome in boot camp but NOT in the Front Lines in the battlefield. There is more Freedom In the US Military and choice of Combative Assignments and Personal Safety are Respected. Taking the Initiative to Complete Assignments Is Allowed. Whistle Blowers will NOT Be Punished! In a Good Gnome Society Whistle Blowers will most likely NOT be necessary. Communications-Media-Medical-Nursing-Computer-Library-Office Staff Are Acceptable Positions For Women in the US Military.

B) All Educational Expenses Are Paid for by the US Government-US Military-Military via Grants-Scholarships-Student Loans. Before any person may serve in the US Military-Military for Four to Five years, they must first complete a Bachelor Degree Program of their choosing making service in any Military delayed until about the 21/Twenty One or 22/Twenty Two years of age and Not 18/Eighteen years of age.

Above A Very Young Buddist Student

 End of Summary of Most Trusted Programs

My Thanks To Smithsonian Magazine For Sending Me The Above/Below Photographs (Except Photo Of Silvia Stagg) Found In The Wordpress Section 'Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs!'

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Only US Citizens and US Residents Are Allowed To Give Campaign Contributions To US Candidates and Contributions are generally limited to Twenty Five Hundred - Five Thousand US Dollars (US$2,500.00 - US$5,000.00) Per Person Per Primary-General Election Cycle, Total Per Person: US$5,000.00!  Additionally, we rarely have Runoffs. Yet, Runoffs allow for another $2,500.00 in Contributions per person.  Those who wish to support my US Presidency via "electioneering communications" without contacting myself are allowed to make unlimited contributions, and most likely requires an FEC Form Filed.  Contact FEC/Federal Elections Commission  (999 E St NW Wash-DC 20463 T: 800-424-9530 F: 202-501-3413 I: http://www.fec.gov/info/forms.shtml) for Forms-Information regarding necessary filing of FEC Forms for those making Campaign Contributions.  Anyone making Contributions to Silvia Stagg, as a National Security Victim Witness may do so without FEC Forms.

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Remembering El Chichon

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March 9, 2012 In 2011, the fourth largest earthquake in history rocked the coast of Japan, spawning a devastating tsunami. Satellites and scientists had an unprecedented view of both. This gallery offers a glimpse of the broad scale of the destruction, of the recovery a year later, and of some new scientific understanding that emerged. Read More
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2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility

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Should we be concerned about solar storms in 2012? Heliophysicist Alex Young from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center sorts out truth from fiction. Credit: NASA/Goddard/SVS

Given a legitimate need to protect Earth from the most intense forms of space weather – great bursts of electromagnetic energy and particles that can sometimes stream from the sun – some people worry that a gigantic "killer solar flare" could hurl enough energy to destroy Earth. Citing the accurate fact that solar activity is currently ramping up in its standard 11-year cycle, there are those who believe that 2012 could be coincident with such a flare.

But this same solar cycle has occurred over millennia. Anyone over the age of 11 has already lived through such a solar maximum with no harm. In addition, the next solar maximum is predicted to occur in late 2013 or early 2014, not 2012.

SOHO captured this image of a solar flare in wavelength 195 as it erupted from the sun early on Tuesday, October 28, 2003. This was the most powerful flare measured with modern methods.
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft captured this image of a solar flare as it erupted from the sun early on Tuesday, October 28, 2003. This was the most powerful flare measured with modern methods. Credit: NASA/SOHOMost importantly, however, even the biggest solar flares are not powerful enough to physically destroy Earth.

This is not to say that space weather can't affect our planet. The explosive heat of a solar flare can't make it all the way to our globe, but electromagnetic radiation and energetic particles certainly can. Solar flares can temporarily alter the upper atmosphere creating disruptions with signal transmission from, say, a GPS satellite to Earth causing it to be off by many yards. Another phenomenon produced by the sun could be even more disruptive. Known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), these solar explosions propel bursts of particles and electromagnetic fluctuations into Earth's atmosphere. Those fluctuations could induce electric fluctuations at ground level that could blow out transformers in power grids. The CME's particles can also collide with crucial electronics onboard a satellite and disrupt its systems.

In an increasingly technological world, where almost everyone relies on cell phones and GPS controls not just your in-car map system, but also airplane navigation and the extremely accurate clocks that govern financial transactions, space weather is a serious matter.

But it is a problem the same way hurricanes are a problem. One can protect oneself with advance information and proper precautions. During a hurricane watch, a homeowner can stay put . . . or he can seal up the house, turn off the electronics and get out of the way. Similarly, scientists at NASA and NOAA give warnings to electric companies, spacecraft operators, and airline pilots before a CME comes to Earth so that these groups can take proper precautions. Improving these predictive abilities the same way weather prediction has improved over the last few decades is one of the reasons NASA studies the sun and space weather. We can't ignore space weather, but we can take appropriate measures to protect ourselves.

And, even at their worst, the sun's flares are not physically capable of destroying Earth.
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Karen C. Fox

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Most Trustged Programs - 'Make Pristine The World I'
Remedies  'Solar' Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Frequency Problems - Orbital/Rotational - Polar Axis Shift Problems of OUR Earth, all of which is daily monitored, videotaped, photographed by NASA and in part shown below:

Other Photographs Courtesy of NASA

Below: Several Views of Sun, Sunspot and Flare
Acquired March 5, 2012 download large image
(1 MB, JPEG, 2048x2048)


Sunspot and Flare, March 2012

Above: Active Region 1429


Sunspot and Flare, March 2012 
Below: NASA VIDEOS On Solar Flares - Solar Issues - Climactic Changes
We Need To Maintain The Beautiful World In Which We Live

above: photograph by Hans Wijker
below: White House - Washington, DC The Home & Offices of US President Sworn To Provide For Our Constitutional Betterment, Defense, Posterity. Though, Not Meeting These Standards!


above photograph by Zeid Derhally

below: United States Capital - WASH-DC: Main Federal Building For US House and Senate Representatives For All Fifty States-US Territories Of The United States Of America


above: photograph by Johnny B.
below: Arlington Cemetary - Arlington - Virginia: We have to date failed to use our advanced technology to prevent Wars, Terrorism, Sedition, Criminal activity!

Below: Canadian Cathedral - Notre Dame: For Thousands of years, the White Christian European Descent Race has  struggled to acknowledge and enforce  their Spiritual and Religious and Moral Values.  As our race developed socioeconomically, Constitutional Laws, originated from The Ten Commandments, progressed into English Common Law,  leading to the next step, The Declaration of Independence, until finally our US Constitution with Constitutional Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights came to be created predominantly by the English, Irish, and Scottish, and other White Christian European Descent with their different languages, creating the USAs' Great Melting Pot!


below: Despite our serious problems, we renew the Birth of our Country (July 4-1776 Declaration of Independence and American Revolution) every year, filled with the hope for a better tomorrow!


below: Serious World Problems present themselves daily, such as bombastic Solar Flares, Solar Storms, Solar Rays, Polar Axis Shifts, Orbital Changes-Decay, Tectonic Plate Movement, Radiation, All Pollutants Which Harm Land-Air-Sea


above: photo by Mischu Wirth - Mt. Everest - Nepal   
below: photograph by phillippee

We need to remember how important our beautiful altitudinal  atmosphere is, most importantly it sustains our lives, offers scientific fields of study, information, knowledge, wisdom technology, including long distance transportation, many forms of recreation (including solitude at great heights), always nourishing ourselves, our ecosystem, our environment, our domestic cattle and wildlife!
At The Turn Of The Century (1900's) Pollution Problems Of All Types Became Apparent Due To Non Eco Friendly Business Practices!

Note: The First Hot Air Balloon (Derigible Balloon) Invented/Built and Flown on November 21-1783 By Montgolfier Brothers. Jean-Pierre Bjanchard Flew First Flight Untethered Crossing English Channel in 1785

above: photograph by Anna Robertson
Pollutants Harm All Water, Marine Life, and Our Coral Reefs 

above/below: Turtles also suffer from marine nets, traps, pollution (plastic bags are also ingested), poaching, and human abuse!
below: Our Countrys' Proud National Bird/Our Proud National Symbol - The Alaskan Bald Eagle Is Environmentally Endangered - The Eagle Mates Once For Life, and The Eagle Requires and Prefers an Endless Open Pristine Environment To Live and Hunt For Food, and Raise Its Young!
photo by Mike Criss
Below: Baby Seals are especially vulnerable to the Hunt by Humans (some are Eskimos)!  Sea Lions are known to crush them to death or Sharks who Eat Them, or various forms of Environmental Pollutants found in their immediate surroundings, garbage especially plastics and oil spills are some of the worst offenders!

below: the Adult Seals Suffer To a Lesser Extent The Plight of Baby Seals! All are Endangered!


below: Polar/Southern Polar Ice Caps are Melting thereby Endangering the Arctic Bear Due To Global Warming! There Are Differing Expert Opinions As To What Causes Global Warming.


Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my! Facing Extinction, Endangered Species Listed Due To Illegal Hunting and natural hazards and enemies!


above: photograph by Alan Shapiro

Imagine a World With No Wildlife! - That's what happens, if Countries Like our frind, 'China' Fail To Cease Illegal Poaching Of Wildlife, such as the Endangered Elephant, viciously hunted and killed for their Large White Tusks!


below: Though, we will build very tall and perfect buildings to house and employ and educate and entertain and provide for ourselves, we shall continue the imperfect beauty of our lives as well, all woven into our infinite American Way of Life.

above: photograph by Ed King
above: New York City-Manhattan Brownstone Neighborhood
below: Seattle Washington At Night!

below: This wonderfully unpredictable world is complex and that keeps life interesting.  We lovingly pursue our cultural identity!
below: We marry and build families filled with hope while knowing there will be some sadness
above: Marriage Ceremonies are varied but increased personal fulfillment with marital bliss is most desired in our very active and demanding society!

below: The White Christian European Descent Race within the socioeconomic democracy of the United States of America achieved what no other race nor country ever achieved, we built an International Space Station!

Above: The White Christian European Descent United States Citizens still are/were the race and country to land and walk on the Moon!
below: December 1903 - First Flight In A Powered and Controlled Aircraft - The Invention of 'The Airplane' (aka Biplane) By The Wright Brothers, US Citizens 

After the Wright Brothers Flight, other more strenuous flights occurred, such as USA's Charles Lindbergh's solo Transatlantic Flight in 1927 and Charles Kingsford Smith's Transpacific Flight in 1928
below: The Zeppelin Derigible Was Manufactured By The Zeppelin Company of Germany
above: The Hindenburg at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in 1936
below: Standard Infrastructure - A Tug Boat Steering A Commercial Ship Through Waterway

above: photograph by Rainer N
below: It was Richard Trevithick (April 13-171-April22-1833 Born/Died: England-Great Britain) a White Christian European Descent Male Inventor-Mining Engineer who created the Steam Engine (Locomotive and Rail) and first tested it in 'Merthyr Tydfil' in Wales in 1804. The Steam Engine Locomotive and Rail was later replaced with the High Speed 1900 Electric Locomotive and Rail such as Cross Country Amtrak Locomotive Trains and Inner City Subway Trains, now becoming replaced with even Higher Speed Locomotive and Rail 
above: photograph by Stuart Bosley
below: The High Speed Locomotive and Rail Connects Milan-Rome-Naples - Italy Reaches a Top Speed of 186 mph!

above: NTV High Speed Locomotive and Rail borrows its style from Ferrari
Photographs Below: Although, the White Christian European Descent Race invented all VEHICLES of any kind, the First Steam Engine Powered Vehicle, was a Toy Model, and it was designed in 1672 by a Flemish Jesuit Missionary named 'Ferdinand Verbiest' for the son of China's King.  This Jesuits' work would be followed by more aggressive French and German Engine Inventors with VISION for its Socioeconomic Exploitation as a Means for Mass Transportation Infinitely!   However, in 1877, the first design for an American Automobile with a gasoline internal combustion engine was created by a United States Citizen from Rochester New York named George Selden who invented a '2/two stroke gasoline combustion engine.'  However, due to not immediately building his engine, George Seldens' patent application expired.  Therefore a patent was not issued to George Selden until 1895 (US Patent 549, 160).  However, George Seldens' patent was later challenged by Henry Ford, and others and overturned in 1911.  In 1893 the first running, gasoline powered America Car was built and road tested by Duryea Brothers of Springfield Mass.  Though, the most aggressive Engineer Inventors were the German Engineers such as Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Mayback, and Siegfried Marcus), another aggressive German Engineer Inventor who became a Mass Automobile Manufacturer was 'Karl Benz' and he is widely accepted as the Inventor of the First Modern Automobile!  In 1885, Karl Benz invented the 'Four Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engine' and the 'Motorwagen.'  And Karl Benz invented a 'Combustion Engine' called a Boxermotor in 1896.  Along with other inventions/designs Karl Benz obtained his patent in 1888 and commenced manufacturing and selling his automobiles from Mannheim Germany.   In 1890, Emile Levasser and Armand Peugeot of France began producing vehicles with Germany's 'Daimler Engines.'  Englands' Engineer Inventors failed to offer a more competitive vehicular engine, and England was forced to rely the right to use 'Daimler Engines' when Harry J. Lawson founded the Daimler Motor Company in 1896, and commenced automobile production one year later, in 1897!  In 1893, another German Engineer by the name of Rudolph Diesel was granted a patent for, 'A New Rational Combustion Engine' later built in 1897.  In 1821, in the United States of America, US Citizen and Entrepreneur Thomas Blanchard commenced assembly line mass manufacturing with exchangeable parts espoused by Marc Isambard Brunel from the Portsmouth Block Mills in England back in 1802.  In 1902, fellow US Citizen and Entrepreneur Ransom Olds commenced and expanded the assembly line with interchangeable parts mass manufacturing of his automobiles from the Oldsmobile Springfield Mass Armory in Springfield Mass.  In 1914, fellow Entrepreneur and United States Citizen Henry Ford further expanded and capitalized on previous success in the automobile engineering and mass consumer manufacturing and sales in the United States of America! (Source - Wikipedia)
Below: Benz Motorwagen For Which A Patent Was Issued
Right Botttom: Photograph of Karl Benz
Ranson Olds - Oldsmobile Company of America
Below: Henry Ford - Ford Company's Model T - A Very Popular Design!
File:Late model Ford Model T.jpg
Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company
below: German Engineering - The Electric Car!
The Volkswagen (aka 'The People's Car' ) Now Being Tested At California's Standford University For Robotics/Hands Off Engineering Available by 2020! 

File:Hands-free Driving.jpg
below: New York City (Manhattan) - New York Stock Exchange - Stockmarket!  We Buy & Sell Stocks in Companies worldwide!
  1. image
above: photograph by Michael Yang
below:  New York City (Manhattan) - New York Stock Exchange - A-typical Pillow Fight!

above: photograph by Michael Yang
below: We create and participate in Competitive Sports, such as Norways' Marif Bjoergen competing for the 2011 World Cup in Oslo Norway!

photograph by Kyree Lien
We in many ways compete, we build skyscraper buildings, then we diligently work in those buildings, and we often work long hours, in large cities and in small cities to survive and provide for the betterment of our lives 

below: New York City

below: Hawaii
below: IFLE Tower - Paris France - A Monument, Another Architectural Accomplishment!

below: We create many forms of music, participate in the serious study, appreciation and performance of the finest master classical music.  Bogdan Czapiewski Chopin Concert Lazienkikrolewskie Park, Warsaw Poland
  above photograph by Piotr Bakal
below: Sidney Opera House - Sidney Australia
below: Many of us, like to fish, some of us, talk to the fish!
below: Being so active, we often replenish our spiritual selves by seeking out the beauty and solitude of nature and ourselves through boating. As per world history, the White Christian European Descent Race captured control of the seven seas and the world in the early years of civilized human development socioeconomically infra structuring the world with an entrepreneurial democracy!
We Create and Build Amusement Parks Such As The One Below, Along The Coastline of Los Angeles - California
For the past twenty years or so, inner city children have been  enjoying skateboarding
So we erect a Skate Board Park to please them!
Our children also enjoy sailing!
Sometimes, our children play alone...
Sometimes, too often, our children feel lost and alone, they become lonely, they feel lonely and become depressed when overwhelmed with problems...including fear...and sometimes for no apparent reason as well!
photograph by Alexander Kesselaar
Though, the child below may be contemplating, often amongst a crowd of people, sometimes and too often, our children feel they are alone in this world, and often they feel overwhelmed, too often, our children come to feel lonely, lost and lonely...


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Note: 12/2012 Russia ended adoptions to the United States of America!

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